President's Message

Wiley S. Boston, Esq.

Wiley S. Boston, Esq.
The Briefs, February, 2016

February Events


We are excited for what February has in store for the Orange County Bar Association.  On February 23, 2017, OCBA will have joint luncheon with the Paul C. Perkins Bar Association. The Paul C. Perkins Bar Association has secured an excellent and high-profile guest speaker for the luncheon: Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy Quince. Florida Bar President Bill Schifino, Esq., is also scheduled to attend the luncheon in order to say a few brief words about the Florida Constitution Review Commission process. OCBA members are generally very interested in ensuring that an independent and adequately funded judiciary is preserved, and this process is likely to have a direct impact.

Beginning immediately after the February luncheon, in the Church Street Ballroom, we will have both candidates for President-elect of The Florida Bar - Lance Scriven, Esq., and Michelle Suskauer, Esq.  From approximately 1:15 to 2:00 p.m., they will be present to address OCBA members and respond to questions in a forum that OCBA is co-hosting with the Federal Bar Association. The forum moderator will be OCBA past president Tom Zehnder, Esq. This event is free, but RSVPs are required through the OCBA store. Thanks to Lauren Millcarek of the Federal Bar Association for coordinating this event.

Also in February, on February 25, the Orange County Bar Association Gala will be held at the Winter Park Racquet Club. The event co-chairs, Amber Davis, Esq., and Karen Persis, Esq., have worked very hard to plan a great party. The event benefits the OCBA Foundation and only happens once every two years. It is not to be missed. I hope to see you there.

Monthly charitable spotlight:  Foundation for Foster Children

Many Orange County Bar Association members serve as guardians ad litem. It may be useful to know that the Foundation for Foster Children is a resource with programs in education, enrichment, transition to adulthood, and emergency support. Imagine that you are a foster child and need assistance paying for senior pictures, tutoring, or mentoring with respect to vocational choices and education. Where would you turn? The Foundation for Foster Children provides these and other valuable services for children in foster care.  For example:

Since her freshman year, 18-year-old Emma dreamed of exactly how she would do her hair, what her jewelry would be, how she wanted their senior pictures to look (and how she definitely wanted to make sure they didn’t look). After coming into care as a sophomore, she overcame so many challenges, received tutoring from the Foundation for Foster Children, and managed to stay on track to graduate from Evans graduate with her peers. In her senior year, she got her senior pictures taken and couldn’t wait to see them. With excitement, she told her house parent in her group home that she needed to choose her favorite photos and turn in her money. Her foster parent said there was no way to purchase all of her favorite photos since they didn’t have funding to cover that expense. Luckily, her case manager referred her to the foundation and she was able to choose all of her favorite poses and pay for them. She was free to trade photos with her friends at school only due to the support of generous donors who make it possible for the foundation to make those kinds of typical childhood experiences still happen for children in foster care. 

If you are interested in learning more, the Foundation for Foster Children will have an open House on February 15th from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at their offices on Lee Road.  The website is

Wiley S. Boston, Esq., is a partner with Holland & Knight, LLP. He is Board Certified in Real Estate Law in Florida and practices in the area of commercial real estate law, with an emphasis on leasing office, industrial, and retail properties, representation of developers of commercial projects, and real estate finance. He has been a member of the OCBA since 1996.



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