OCBA Staff

Executive Director

Brant S. Bittner
407-422-4551, ext. 222
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Citizen Dispute Settlement/Family Law Mediation Manager

Maria Sanchez
407-422-4551, ext. 224
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Office Manager/Receptionist

Angie Rivera
407-422-4551, ext. 221
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Lawyer Referral & Information
Service Manager

Norma Paradiso
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Marketing & Sponsorship Coordinator

Amanda Nethero
407-422-4551, ext. 244
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OCBA Assistant Executive Director and Foreclosure Mediation Program Director

Kim Homer, Esq.
407-422-4551, ext. 231
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Foreclosure Mediation Program
Office Manager


Foreclosure Mediation Program Borrower Contact Coordinator

Darshini Ramkarran
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Foreclosure Mediation Program Borrower Contact Specialist

David Parker
407-422-4551, ext. 245
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Accounting Manager

Mildred Rivera-Artau
407-422-4551, ext. 223
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Communications Manager

Peggy Storch
407-422-4551, ext. 227
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Events & Seminars Manager

Marie West
407-422-4551, ext. 233
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Strategic Marketing and
Membership Manager

Karen Fast
407-422-4551, ext. 225
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Lawyer Referral Assistant

Gloria Warrick
407-422-4551, ext. 239
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Foreclosure Mediation Program Paralegal/Compliance Manager

Candice Maull, FRP
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Foreclosure Mediation Program Paralegal

Els Coulter
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