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Professionalism Awards


Save the date for the Professionalism Awards Ceremony: The Orange County Bar Association will present its annual Professionalism Awards Ceremony on Thursday, March 24, 2022 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Orange County Courthouse.

Submit Your Nominations for the 2022 Professionalism Awards

We are now accepting nominations for the 2022 Professionalism Awards. The submission deadline is November 5, 2021.  Award recipients will be announced in January 2022. Please see each award nomination form for additional information and criteria:

The William Trickel, Jr. and the Lawrence G. Mathews, Jr. Young Lawyer Professionalism Award recipients, who are nominated by their peers, are attorneys whose conduct and career stands as a model of success built on unquestioned professionalism. Trickel Award winners have practiced law for 15 or more years, while Mathews Award winners have practiced law for less than 15 years.

The James G. Glazebrook Memorial Bar Service Award is presented to a state or federal jurist who best demonstrates service to and support of the legal profession and the Legal Aid Society of the OCBA, is dedicated to professionalism both in and out of the courtroom, and is a leader in promoting professionalism, including civility, integrity, and respect for the legal system.


William Trickel, Jr. Professionalism Award Recipients

Year Name
2021 Suzanne Gilbert
2020 N. Diane Holmes
2019 Nicholas A. Shannin
2018 Glenn A. Adams
2017 Charles T. Wells
2016 Emery H. Rosenbluth Jr.
2015 Herbert Lee Allen, Jr.
2014 Rafael E. Martinez
2013 The Honorable James A. Edwards
2012 Matthew G. Brenner
2011 Patrick M. Magill
2010 Leon H. Handley
2009 Mary Anne De Petrillo
2008 Council “Butch” Wooten, Jr.
2007 Kirk N. Kirkconnell
2006 William B. Wilson
2005 Michael P. McMahon
2004 Warren W. Lindsey
2003 Bruce B. Blackwell
2002 Ava K. Doppelt
2001 The Honorable Sally D.M. Kest
2000 R. Lee Bennett
1999 Chandler R. Muller
1998 Darryl M. Bloodworth
1997 The Honorable John Marshall Kest
1996 The Honorable Gregory A. Presnell
1995 Jules S. Cohen
1994 David B. King

Lawrence G. Mathews, Jr. Young Lawyer Professionalism Award Recipients

Year Name
2021 Lisa Gong Guerrero
2020 Keshara D.Cowans
2019 Ryan Williams
2018 Amber N. Davis
2017 Karen L. Persis
2016 Kristopher J. Kest
2015 Anthony F. Sos
2014 LaShawnda K. Jackson
2013 Richard S. Dellinger
2012 Ryan E. Davis
2011 Penelope Perez-Kelly
2010 Cara M. Dobrev
2009 The Honorable Heather Pinder Rodriguez
2008 Liz Foshee McCausland
2007 Diego “Woody” Rodriguez
2006 Thomas A. Zehnder
2005 Nicholas A. Shannin
2004 Tad A. Yates

James G. Glazebrook Memorial Bar Service Award Recipients

Year Name
2021 The Honorable Lisa T. Munyon
2020 The Honorable Karen S. Jennemann
2019 The Honorable Frederick Lauten
2018 The Honorable Daniel E. Traver
2017 The Honorable Arthur B. Briskman
2016 The Honorable David A. Baker
2015 The Honorable Bob LeBlanc
2014 The Honorable Faye L. Allen
2013 The Honorable John Antoon, II
2012 The Honorable Belvin Perry, Jr.
2011 The Honorable John Marshall Kest
2010 The Honorable Lawrence R. Kirkwood
2009 The Honorable Alice L. Blackwell
2008 The Honorable Emerson R. Thompson, Jr.
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