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OCBA Staff

Rob Garay Rob Garay
Executive Director
407-422-4551, ext. 222
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Mildred Rivera Artau Mildred Rivera Artau
Director of Accounting and Administration
407-422-4551, ext. 223
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Candice Maull Candice Maull
Director of Public Programs
407-422-4551, ext. 226
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Ashley Velez Ashley Velez
Events & Seminars Manager
407-422-4551, ext. 233
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Ursla Gallagher Ursla Gallagher
Advertising & Sponsorship Manager
407-422-4551 x244
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Carolyn Cochrane Carolyn Cochrane
Members Service Specialist
407-422-4551, ext. 245
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Kelsey Martin Kelsey Martin
Residential Foreclosure Mediation Coordinator
407-422-4551, ext. 299
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Mattie Amundsen Mattie Amundsen
Administrative Assistant
407-422-4551, ext. 221

Kirstyn Scerri Kirstyn Scerri
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
407-422-4551, ext. 297
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Xiomara Isanoa Xiomara Isanoa
Lawyer Referral and Mediation Coordinator
407-422-4551, ext. 295
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Aracelis Colon Aracelis Colon
Lawyer Referral Counselor
407-422-4551, ext. 235
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Mayra Sassano Mayra Sassano
Lawyer Referral Counselor

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