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Criminal Committee


The goal of the committee is to facilitate interaction and promote goodwill among members of the OCBA who practice in the area of criminal law. Each year, the Committee undertakes a number of projects and activities that are designed to be of benefit to criminal law practitioners. The three principal projects and activities of the Committee are (1) to prepare and maintain a directory of the judges of the criminal law bench in Orange County, (2) to sponsor continuing legal education seminars, and (3) to present the Gary L. Formet, Sr. Award. The Criminal Law Committee has a diverse membership that includes judges, public defenders, private defense lawyers, and prosecutors. We are always looking for new members.

The list of forms below are available here:

Circuit Court Forms:

  1. Admission of Violation of Probation – English
  2. Admission of Violation of Probation – Spanish
  3. Court Appointed Attorney Registry Application
  4. Plea Form – English
  5. Plea Form – Spanish
  6. Sex Offender Probation Conditions – Spanish

County Court Forms:

  1. County Court PLEA Form
  2. County Waiver of Jury Trial
  3. Court Appointed Attorney Registry Application
  4. Court Appointed Attorney Registry Application Instructions
  5. Violation of Probation Plea Form

For more information and regular updates, please check out our Facebook page.

Meeting Time & Location

Please contact chair.


Lyle Mazin Lyle Mazin
Mazin Law
200 E. Robinson St., Suite 1140
Orlando, FL 32801
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Shannon Laurie Shannon Laurie
Florida Office of the Attorney General
135 W. Central Blvd.
Orlando, FLORIDA 32801
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