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OCBA Foreclosure Mediation Program

The Orange County Bar Association has been appointed Program Manager for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Orange County Bar Foreclosure Mediation Program.

The program has been developed to bring together residential homeowners and representatives from the bank or lien holder, with a neutral, third-party mediator, in an attempt to resolve issues related to the foreclosure action that has been brought against the homeowner. In the courts’ Administrative Orders below, you will find information for mediators, plaintiff attorneys, defense attorneys, and homeowners. The downloadable information will assist those involved to become aware of the processes for participating in the Orange County Bar Foreclosure Mediation program.


Interested mediators who meet all of the Ninth Circuit Court and Florida Supreme Court qualifications are welcome to contact us at and request placement on the mediator list. Due to the current high volume of calls we receive, please refrain from calling our offices with questions about the status of your mediation application.


For additional information, please contact Candice Maull, at 407-422-4551, ext. 226, or by email.

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