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Annual membership dues to be paid with a credit card in 12 monthly installments, rather than a one-time payment at the beginning of the OCBA calendar year.

Q: For which membership categories is this payment option available?

The installment payment option is available only for government attorneys or those in their first year in The Florida Bar.  

Q: How do I enable this payment option?

A: To select this option when renewing or starting a membership, you will need to email Carolyn Cochrane at  Click here to access the membership application and credit card authorization form.

Please not your application will not be processed unless both forms are received.  

Q: Are there any additional processing fees associated with this payment option?

An additional processing fee of $6 for government members and $6.12 for attorneys in their first year of practice will be automatically spread over the course of the monthly payments (approx. $0.50 per transaction).

Q: At what time of year can this payment option be started?

The installment payment option is available for government members during the pre-renewal period from March 1 to June 1, before our annual membership renewal, which begins on June 1. After June 1, memberships can still be purchased, but the installment payment option will not be available. Regular attorneys in their first year in The Florida Bar are able to join at any time during their first year of practice with the installment plan option.

Q: Will I be able to review, change or delete this payment option during the year?

  1. If you would like to pay the remainder of your membership fee or make any changes to your payment options, please email

Q: What will happen if my credit card expires or does not work when it is billed?

A: If your credit card is scheduled to expire before your next payment or is denied for some reason when the system tries to charge it, you will receive an automatic notification email from the OCBA. After 60 days of non-payment of a quarterly installment, your membership will be suspended until the credit card information is updated on your membership profile.

Q: Does the monthly payment option automatically renew each year?

The monthly payment option does automatically renew and will continue into the next OCBA Membership year. The OCBA must be alerted to any changes in payment methods by May 31 prior to the start of the membership renewal.

If you have questions about these new payment options, please contact Carolyn Cochrane at or call 407-422-4551 x 245.

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