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Online Membership Application

Please fill out the form below to join the Orange County Bar Association. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

If you were a previous member and wish to rejoin, please do not set up a new account. Please contact the Membership Department to reactivate you account.  

Post expires at 11:57am on Saturday August 5th, 2023

Personal Information

Your OCBA Membership

Below are the various membership types we offer. Please contact us if you need assistance picking the membership that's right for you.

  • Private Practice (Regular): $125 for first membership year, $160 to renew
    Attorney in good standing with The Florida Bar who resides in or practices at least part time in Orange County. Luncheons are included. Installment payment options available for attorneys in 1st year of practice.
  • Government Attorney: $120 to join; $120 to renew; $0 for 1st year of practice
    Attorney admitted in good standing to The Florida Bar who resides in or practices at least part time in Orange County and is employed by a Government Agency. Luncheons are included. Installment payment options available.
  • Emeritus (formerly Associate) - $65
    Retired jurist or OCBA member over the age of 65; or a member of The Florida Bar not actively practicing in Orange, Seminole, or Osceola counties; or an attorney not admitted to The Florida Bar but admitted in good standing to a practice in another state. Luncheons not included.
  • Patron - $435
    Expert consultant; legal accountant; membership needs to be approved by our Executive Council.  Please contact membership for further information. 4 Luncheons included.
  • Affiliate - $120
    Paralegal; legal assistant; law office administrator; law librarian; international associate; or criminal justice. Luncheons included.
  • Law Student - $33
    Enrolled in law school. Luncheons not included.
  • Paralegal Student - $33
    Enrolled in paralegal courses. Luncheons not included.

Email Addresses

Please note that the system uses your business email as the default email for registration.  You must fill out the business email line.  You can optionally fill out a personal email too.  If you only have one email, fill that out in the business line.

Business Address

P.O. Box/Personal Address

Statistical Information

All statistical information provided to the Orange County Bar Association will be kept confidential.

Other State License

Practices, Certifications, Committees and More

Please provide the information below so we can inform you of upcoming seminars, meetings, and events. There is no fee for providing this information.


Please set your password.  It needs to be 8 characters or more, contain upper case, and a special character.  Once both fields match and contain those features, the fields will turn from red to grey.

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