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Resources for New Florida Bar Members

Congratulations on passing the bar exam and welcome to the profession!

Much congratulations on your recent passage of the bar exam! I know how grueling the preparation (and waiting!) can be, and I commend you on the successful outcome of all of your hard work and dedication.

Now that you’ve accomplished your goal of becoming an attorney, it is time to get involved with your legal community and become familiar with the local resources available to you. The Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) is a 3,000+ member association that provides numerous networking opportunities, referral connections, continuing legal education, and substantive law resources to help you be successful in your career. Here are some other reasons why you should get involved:

Young Lawyers Section of the OCBA

The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) is comprised of more than 750 attorneys practicing in many areas of law throughout Central Florida. Members of the YLS must be under the age of 35 or practicing law for less than five years. The YLS is an invaluable resource because it offers an array of opportunities for relationship building, charitable service, and professional growth. As a member of the OCBA, you will be automatically enrolled in this section and can start participating in YLS events immediately!

Leads and Referrals

As you start out in your career you may soon feel the pressure to bring in new clients through referrals. The OCBA offers you an opportunity to join our Lawyer Referral and Information Service panel, which allows you to benefit from OCBA provided referrals. Last year approximately $1.2 million of business was referred to local participating attorneys. If you don’t meet the experience requirement to participate, you can join our modest means panel which will allow you to gain experience while assisting clients who do not qualify for legal aid but who cannot afford an attorney. We also have opportunities for you to pick up paid shifts in the Orange County Clerk of Court’s Self Help Center.

New Lawyer Training Program

Our dynamic, two-day New Lawyer Training Program is designed to help you become a confident, successful practitioner in Orange County and beyond. In addition to providing guidance on how to navigate the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, the program gives practical advice on how to open up a firm and do so economically while being compliant with the Florida Bar.

Committee Participation

The OCBA has over 20 substantive law committees who work to produce dynamic CLE programs, many of which are included in your OCBA membership. Take advantage of the opportunity to pursue a specialty by making connections to legal professionals in your desired area of law, along with access to tailored resources to help your practice thrive.

To join the OCBA, complete the enclosed form and return it to the OCBA at 880 N. Orange Ave., Orlando, FL 32801 or email it to You may also join online at

We hope to see you at a future OCBA event!


Karen Persis

Join the OCBA! 

Young Lawyers Section
As a member of the OCBA you are automatically enrolled in the Young Lawyers Section of the OCBA if you are 35 or under, or have been practicing 5 or less years!

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