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About the OCBA

The OCBA is a voluntary membership organization with over 3,000 attorney and judicial members in addition to members from a variety of legal professions. The Executive Director is the key management leader of the OCBA.  The organization and its many programs and events provide a challenging management opportunity.  The OCBA has a complex budget as the work of the organization includes numerous member and community programs, events and services.  It operates with a dedicated staff of 10 employees.  The OCBA is a 501(c)(6) not-for‐profit organization and is governed by an Executive Council comprised of 18 voting members.  

The OCBA headquarters are in an office building owned by the organization in downtown Orlando that includes meeting rooms, a large conference center room and staff offices.  The OCBA has 32+ committees that produce continuing legal education seminars as well as social and civic events.  The committees provide members with extensive volunteer opportunities for community service, networking and connection with The Florida Bar, other local voluntary bars and local courts.  The OCBA also has its own 501(c)(3) Foundation that has a focus on community education and helping citizens gain a better understanding of the judicial system.

 Requirements and Duties

  • Reporting directly to the President and the Executive Council  
  • Making recommendations to the Executive Council regarding preferred or alternative courses of action
  • Assuring that the Executive Council is kept fully informed of the activities, operations and financial condition of the OCBA required for the efficient and orderly conduct of business
  • Maintaining continuing communication with the Executive Council President so that necessary actions can be taken between meetings of the Executive Council Members
  • Providing leadership to and oversee the OCBA staff and volunteers in an effort to recruit new members, to retain existing members and expand membership base and oversee activities related to maintaining effective member relations
  • Motivating members to personally, professionally, and financially support the OCBA’s programs and events
  • Overseeing the management of the committee meetings and related functions.
  • Maintaining an effective liaison and communications with President, Executive Council, committees and OCBA membership
  • Analyzing and interpreting the needs of members and recommend revisions in programs to improve service and assistance to make membership more valuable
  • Working diligently to ensure that OCBA programs, services, and products assist members to become increasingly competitive and successful

Staff Management

  • Developing policies and guidelines for the supervision, management and administration of all OCBA staff
  • Exercising responsibility for hiring, supervising, reviewing and terminating OCBA staff
  • Delegating activities of the OCBA to staff members and ensure that the office performs efficiently and that all employees work in compliance with the OCBA’s Employment Policies

External Relationships

  • Ensuring a successful collaborative relationship with the Executive Director and staff of the Legal Aid Society of the OCBA
  • Maintaining meaningful relationships, communications and connections with local and state bar associations, ABA contacts, and utilize those relationships to enhance the organization’s objectives
  • Promoting and fostering a positive, collegial and professional atmosphere amongst and between the staff and members of the OCBA
  • Serving as an ambassador of the OCBA at OCBA, affinity voluntary bar and public events
  • Developing and maintaining a good working relationship with the judiciary, court administration, local government and the Clerk of Court’s office
  • Some travel is required

Fiscal Management

  • Responsible for the preparation and presentation of annual budget as adopted by the OCBA Executive Council Budget Committee to ensure that all funds are appropriately safeguarded and managed
  • Execute and review contracts on behalf of the OCBA
  • Oversees the management of the OCBA Foundation and section accounts including the Young Lawyers Section and Paralegal Section
  • Maintain the OCBA’s investment accounts and recommend, when necessary, reallocation of resources to the Investment Committee of the OCBA Executive Council to ensure the successful implementation of programs and activities
  • Ensure timely filings of all OCBA and OCBA Foundation tax returns, including the 990 and 990‐T tax returns in coordination with staff Director of Accounting and Administration and the OCBA’s external CPA auditing/review firm
  • Ensure timely distribution of annual membership dues statements and process for collection of payments
  • Provide financial oversight by preparing, reviewing and presenting monthly financial reports and key performance indicator report to the Executive Council
  • Explore new opportunities for non‐dues revenue, revenue growth from existing programs and services and expense management


 Oversee the development, enhancement and maintenance of the OCBA’s technology systems to support management functions and to increase the value provided to members; must be technology savvy

  • Oversee the maintenance of the OCBA building for the implementation of programs and meetings and to preserve the value and efficiency of the building
  • Ensure that the building and its contents are adequately insured

Additional Duties

 Oversee and ensure the timely production of nine (9) issues of the OCBA publication, The Briefs

  • Attend the majority of OCBA events  
  • Oversee the Lawyer Referral and Information Service; stay abreast of changes in technology and ensuring that this service stays relevant to its members and the public
  • Work closely with and advise the President‐Elect on the prospective appointments of committee members and their leadership  
  • Assist in raising funds for the biannual Bench Bar Conference other OCBA events and programs
  • Investigate, negotiate and recommend employee benefits and administer employee benefits program
  • Plan the annual Executive Council retreat and assist the President with developing the agenda, secure and negotiate the location and coordinate all aspects of the retreat
  • Work with the President and President-Elect in securing speakers for membership luncheons.  Plan and coordinate these membership meetings.
  • Write podium notes, presentations and scripts for the President and other officers for membership luncheons, community events, and meetings, as requested
  • Maintain and distribute official minutes of the Executive Council meetings, maintain custody and provide security of all official OCBA and OCBA Foundation documents, records and files, legal and historic documents, membership and mailing lists
  • Administer the OCBA’s nomination and election process, prepare and disseminate appropriate materials, notices and ballots as well as the elections for the Young Lawyers Section and the Legal Aid Society of the OCBA, Inc.
  • Oversee and plan, when required, judicial retirement events
  • Coordinate with Court Administration staff and the President to handle attendance, announcements and gifts for all investitures and judicial retirement events
  • Oversees the maintenance of the master calendar of the OCBA
  • Supervise, contribute to and monitor all social media postings and account management for the OCBA including section and committee pages and groups
  • Ensure information is up to date on OCBA’s website with assistance from staff
  • Work with staff to distribute electronic newsletters to the membership about upcoming events and news  
  • Serve as a liaison to the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, Inc.

Preferred Skills Sets, Knowledge and Abilities

 Leadership (possesses and demonstrates leadership qualities including presence, vision, leading and managing staff and volunteers).

  • Membership development (has a track record of membership recruitment, retention, and growth).
  • Executive Council management (has experience working collaboratively with a volunteer Executive Council).
  • Volunteer organization experience (appreciates the value of voluntary organization structure and operating techniques; proven ability to motivate and utilize staff and volunteers).
  • Management experience (has staff oversight and general management experience; strong human resource development skills).
  • Planning (has experience in developing and implementing operational, financial, and strategic plans).
  • Communication (is an effective communicator with internal and external constituents including members, Executive Council, government entities, staff, the media, and the public; has exceptional writing, speaking, and presentation skills).
  • Fiscal management (has demonstrated ability to manage financial affairs of an organization; i.e., develop revenue sources and control expenditures so as to preserve financial stability).
  • Entrepreneurial (has experience with perceiving and capitalizing on available business opportunities).
  • Marketing orientation (ability to market and promote the organization).

 Desired Personal Characteristics

 Leadership (is able to achieve results for the OCBA by giving priority to and listening to the needs of its members; proactive in leading the Executive Council and members while being deferential to them and the OCBA’s mission and goals; offers a vision and the means to get there; a good steward of resources; can manage, motivate, and challenge the Staff to serve and meet the needs of the membership).

  • Participative management style (involves members and staff in decision‐making; provides basic direction and allows staff to execute while being held accountable; a mentor for staff).
  • Collaborative (sees value in working with others to achieve positive results; demonstrates a willingness and ability to work with and through others;).
  • Intelligent (bright; possesses natural intelligence).
  • Conceptual (thinks beyond day‐to‐day realities; has the ability to see beyond the OCBA’s current service offerings and also focus on long term operating goals.)
  • Strategic and creative thinker (a visionary thinker; can plan for the future and also bring “outside the box” ideas; able to see “the big picture” beyond daily operations and lead an organization toward strategic goals).
  • Genuine and personable (relates well to people; builds relationships; authentic; transparent; possesses warmth and personal humor).
  • Energetic and Dedicated (enthusiastic; strong personal work ethic; self‐starter with a “roll up the sleeves” attitude; displays a passion for “getting the job done”).
  • Executive Presence (credible; polished in demeanor and appearance; self‐confident; will enjoy respect of Executive Council, members, and staff).
  • Integrity (possesses unimpeachable moral character and high ethics).
  • Visibility (highly visible to staff, members, and other key constituents).
  • Organizational skills (results oriented; able to juggle multiple projects at one time; meets established goals and objectives).

 Challenges and Opportunities

 The projected first year accomplishments for the new Executive Director of the OCBA include:

 Establish presence as Executive Director and become completely familiar with all operating aspects of the organization including staff, finances, programs, and Executive Council members.

  • Initiate formal and informal introductions and connections with the OCBA membership through various communications and in‐person gatherings and meetings to develop strong relationships with key constituencies.
  • In concert with the Executive Council and staff, evaluate the strategic direction of and future opportunities for the OCBA through a review of current programs and personnel; develop strategic, operational, and budgetary plans.
  • Build and maintain collaborative relationships with other voluntary bars and professional associations in an effort to secure the best and most cost-effective services and programs for members.
  • Evaluate and develop responses to important organizational challenges and operational goals such as:

-Increase the products and services available to the OCBA members.

-Increase the percentage of Orange County area lawyers who belong to the OCBA.

-Assure sustained financial stability through an increase in dues‐paying member base, along with dues and non‐dues income enhancements.

For more information about the OCBA, we invite you to visit:

Salary and Benefits

An attractive compensation package will be offered commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Application Instructions

Interested applicants should email a cover letter expressing your interest in this position along with your resume/CV and the name, title, street address, telephone number and email address of three (3) non‐family member, professional references who may speak to your qualifications and experience.  Please include your salary requirements.  Please direct this information and any questions to the OCBA Executive Director Search Committee at: No calls please.   

Application Deadline

September 30, 2022

The OCBA is an equal opportunity employer. We prohibit unlawful discrimination based on age, ancestry, color, gender identity, HIV status, marital status, medical condition, national origin, physical or mental disability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, military status, or any other non-job-related factor or consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local laws. This policy applies to every aspect of employment. The OCBA selects volunteers and provides program services to clients and members according to the same equality standards as those used for employment. The OCBA complies with all applicable laws providing equal employment opportunities.

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