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The OCBA YLS Board is Now Accepting Nomination Forms for a Vacant Board Seat.

A vacancy on the OCBA YLS Board has been created due to the election of Jacob Schumer as YLS President-Elect Designate. The OCBA YLS board is now accepting nomination forms for this vacant board seat.

The remaining term on Jacob Schumer’s seat on the YLS Board is one (1) year, running from June 1, 2023 – May 31, 2024.

Attorney members who meet the YLS qualifications per the YLS Bylaws (In accordance with Article 2 of the YLS Bylaws, a person is eligible for a fiscal year if that person is, as of the first day of that fiscal year, under the age of thirty-six (36) or if the first day of the fiscal year is less than (10) years from the date on which the person was first licensed as an attorney) and who would like to be considered for the open seat shall submit a nominating petition no later than midnight, Tuesday March 28, 2023by email to Rob Garay at

The vacancy will be filled at the next regularly scheduled YLS board meeting to be held on Thursday April 13, 2023.

Please click here for a copy of the nominating petition.

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