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The Legal Limit Podcast


The Legal Limit is the official podcast of the Orange County Bar Association, Inc. Insight, Insiders, and Information. The Legal Limit brings you 1 on 1 interviews with the people shaping our Central Florida community.

Episode one, two and three are part of four interviews conducted of all candidates for State Attorney of the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Florida. This four part series is generously sponsored by Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos.   Stay tuned for the next episode featuring Kevin Morenski.

Episode 1 Belvin Perry

Episode 2 Ryan Williams

Episode 3 Deborah Barra



Views/ Opinions:  The views, opinions, and ideas expressed on The Legal Limit are exclusively those of our guests, and commentators. They do not reflect the opinions or viewpoints of the Orange County Bar Association, the Executive Council, or its sponsors.

Legal Advice: The content of The Legal Limit is for entertainment purposes only. None of the content on The Legal Limit should be considered legal advice, nor does anything therein create an attorney, client relationship.


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