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Judges and Lawyers as Friends- Yes, No or it Depends


1.0 General Credit

1.0 Ethics

1.0 Tech

This presentation will first discuss the current guidance for judges and lawyers, then delve into various dos, don’ts, and maybes to help judges and lawyers alike. It will also include how attorneys should (and should not) interact with judges (both online and in real life) regarding certain topics such as politics, invitations to attend events, and casual conversations that may involve matters pending before the Court. Discussion and questions will include critical and reflective judgment about an attorney’s intended conduct is portrayed online and assessing options for communication online through social media outlets.

Topics will include discussion of the attorney’s responsibility to have effective client communications and client relations skills in order to increase service to the client and foster understanding of expectations of the representation, including accessibility of the lawyer without implying a personal connection or advantage by being “friends” with a Judge on social media outlets.

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